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2008.08.26 - Bozeman School District Agrees to New Beginning for Special Education Program: In a settlement of a discrimination case brought by the parent of an 8th grade student with a disability, the Bozeman School District agreed to a series of steps to improve the inclusion of students with disabilities. [Released August 26, 2008]
2008.09.25 - Couples with Disabilities Take on the Marriage Penalty: People First of Montana presents testimony and petitions to congressional delegation.[Press Release dated September 25, 2008]
2009.05.01 - DRM Uncovers Failures: Disability Rights Montana uncovers series of failures and non-compliance with Montana law regarding the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment of persons with disabilities. [Press Release dated May 1, 2009]
2009.07.02 - NDRN Press Release: The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) applauds President Obama's proclamation of the "Year of Community Living," but decries the Department of Justice's continued support of segretation of persons with disabilties.
2011.05.27 - Missoula Voter with Disability Wins Discrimination Case: On May 27, 2011, Montana Human Rights Bureau Hearings Officer Gregory L. Hanchett found that Mr. Mark Boatman, a voter with a mobility impairment, was discriminated against when the Missoula County Election Office failed to provide a functioning voting machine for him in the 2008 presidential election. [Press Release dated June 3, 2011].
2012.04.25 - Sexual Abuse Investitgation of MDC made Public April 25, 2012:  [View PDF]  The First Judicial District Court ordered the release of a Montana Department of Justice investigative report detailing the sexual abuse investigation conducted between June and October 2010 at the Montana Developmental Center in Boulder. Disability Rights Montana filed a complaint seeking publication of the report. Judge James P. Reynolds approved the release of a redacted version of the report. Please be aware the report contains information that is sexual, and sometimes graphic in nature.[April 25, 2012]
2012.07.13 - MSH Discriminated Against a Patient with a Mobility Impairment When It WIthheld Motorized Wheelchair:  [View PDF]  On July 13, 2012, Montana Human Rights Bureau Hearing Officer Gregory L. Hanchestt found that Ms. Brooke Jaqueth, a patient with a mobility impairment, was discriminated against when the Warm Springs State Hospital refused to allow her to use her motorized wheelchair. [July 2012].
2014.02.14 - Montana State Prison Violating Rights of Prisoners with Mental Illness:

HELENA, MT — The ACLU of Montana, on behalf of its client Disability Rights Montana, is challenging the treatment of prisoners with mental illness at Montana State Prison and the Montana State Hospital. A pattern at Montana State Prison of withholding medication, misdiagnosing prisoners with a long history of mental illness, and punishing them for behavior caused by their mental illness. They are subjected to solitary confinement and “behavior modification plans” that deprive them of clothing, working toilets, bedding and proper food. This serves only to exacerbate their illness and cause needless suffering.

Click here to download this Media Release.
Click here to download the letter to DPHHS and DOC.
Click here to download response from Mike Batista, Director, Montana Department of Corrections. 

2015.01.23 - MDC Report: Disability Rights Montana released a report with significant details of numerous case stories of abuse and neglect at the Montana Developmental Center.  Investigations conducted by the Department of Justice over the course of the past year reveal that twenty-seven staff members, including the Director of Quality Assurance and Superintendent, have been involved in the case stories.  Some of the cases involve serious injuries, rape, and felony assault.  Click on the link above to read the Press Release in its entirety.  Click on this link to read the report.
2015.04.15 - MDC is Ordered to Cease Taking New Admissions in its Secure Unit: Press Release Date:  April 15, 2015

The Quality Assurance Division of the Department of Public Health and Human Services issued a Notice of Violations and Order on March 23, 2015, to the Montana Developmental Center citing its Intermediate Care Facility for nine violations of state law and administrative rule from abusing residents and violating their rights to keeping poor records and failing to train staff, and ordered the unit to cease taking new admissions until the violations could be corrected. 

For a full copy of the Notice of Violations and Order, please click here.

Click here to download the Press Release.

2016.02.03 - Run Wild Missoula Agrees to Drop Discriminatory Rules : On January 22, 2016, a state hearing officer granted Run Wild Missoula’s request that judgment be entered against it in a discrimination complaint filed by local Missoula athlete Joe Stone. The order requires Run Wild Missoula to allow people with disabilities who use hand cycles or racing wheelchairs to participate in the Missoula Marathon and prohibits them from implementing discriminatory rules, including greatly limiting the speed of these athletes for almost the
whole second half of the marathon and requiring that they yield to all other racers. It also must provide its board of directors and executive director at least two hours of training on the Montana Human Rights Act, with an emphasis in providing accommodations for people with disabilities. Finally it must pay Mr. Stone $13,000 for the damages caused to him through its discriminatory practices.
2016.04.20 - Commissions Statement Spells End For State Prisons Use Of Solitary Confinement On Prisoners With Serious Mental Illness:  [View PDF

Disability Rights Montana and the ACLU of Montana called on the Montana Department of Corrections and the Montana State Prison to immediately end their practice of placing prisoners with serious mental illness in solitary confinement after the National Commission on Correctional Health Care last week issued a position statement forcefully condemning the practice.

2016.09.16 Patients Challenge Isolation, Abuse, and Failed Treatment at Montana State Hospital:  [View PDF

On August 15, 2016, four patients at Montana State Hospital sued state officials and staff for the isolation, abusive and deficient treatment they have been subjected to at the Hospital in Warm Springs. The lawsuit alleges that officials at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services as well as staff at the Montana State Hospital have violated state and federal law in their treatment of the four patients. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop these practices as well as damages for the patients for the harm they have suffered. Click the "View PDF" above to read the press release in its entirety. Click here to download a copy of the complaint.