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Montana Supreme Court Finds for DRM Client and Reverses Appointment of Virtual Stranger To Be the Surrogate Parent of a Student With a Disability: In this case decided on March 18, 2014, the Montana Supreme Court reversed the decision of the district court and required that a student's foster father be appointed as his surrogate parent for IDEA proceedings, replacing a virtual stranger who had been appointed to this position at the request of the Butte School District.  Once appointed, this unrelated individual hastily agreed to a long-disputed IEP. Neither the student's foster father nor his DRM attorney were even notified of the proceeding to appoint the surrogate. The student appealed this decision and the Montana Supreme Court found in his favor and remanded the matter to the district court to remove the current surrogate and appoint the student's foster father instead.
Special Education Law Training Featured National Special Education Law Specialist:

OPI presented a one day special education law training feathuring National Special Education Law Specialist Attorney Art Cernosia on November 28, 2013, in Helena.  Mr. Cernosia's presentation included legal updates and case review on hot topics in special education law.  The presentation has been archived on the PLUK website at 

Special Education Symposium - Kalispell - October 3-4, 2013: Disability Rights Montana and Flathead Valley Community College sponsored a Special Education Symposium October 3-4, 2013.  The symposium was attended by parents, teachers, educators, service providers, and attorneys.  Click on this link for more information and to download the materials that were provided to attendees in a resource toolkit. 
Stop Hurting Kids - Join the campaign to end restraint and seclusion abuse in schools: "The use of restraint and seclusion can have very serious consequences, including, most tragically, death. Furthermore, there continues to be no evidence that using restraint or seclusion is effective in reducing the occurrence of the problem behavior." - Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education A kick off of the Stop Hurting Kids national campaign was held on May 30, 2013. The kickoff included a special film screening of Restraint & Seclusion: Hear Our Stories, by filmmaker Dan Habib. Mr. Habib interviewed a number of students and family members about their experiences with restraint and seclusion. What you will see and hear in the film are compelling personal stories about the dangers of these practices.
Transition Newsletter - January 2016: Topic areas of the Transition Newsletter will include general information about benefits, work incentives that allow beneficiaries to work while receiving benefits, how wages and work experiences will affect students’ benefits, other benefits students and their families may be eligible for, resources for school districts and their personnel.  The newsletter will also have guest contributors to provide information on relevant topics and a schedule of upcoming events.