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Accessible and Inaccessible Polling Places in Montana: The Secretary of State Office has compiled a list of polling places in Montana identifying which polling places are accessible and which are not.
Automark Setup Instructions: Setup instructions for poll workers using AutoMARK with sip/puff switch by Origin Instruments
Automark User Instructions: User instructions for voters using the AutoMARK with sip/puff switch by Origin Instruments
DRM Voter's Quickcard Handbill: DRM Handbill identifying eligibility requirements to vote in Montana and acceptable forms of identification to vote at your polling place.
Election Line:, a project of the Pew Center on the States, is the nation's only nonpartisan, non-advocacy Web site providing up-to-the-minute news and analysis on election reform. Established by Pew after the November 2000 vote, electionline has become the leading source for journalists, policymakers, election officials, academics and concerned citizens to learn about, discuss and debate election administration issues.
Help America Vote Act of 2002: On October 29, 2002, President Bush signed the "Help America Vote Act of 2002," (HAVA), Pub. L. No. 107-252, 116 Stat. 1666 (2002) into law. The HAVA is codified at 42 U.S.C. 15301 to 15545. After the House of Representatives, on December 12, 2001, and the Senate on April 11, 2002, passed differing versions of H.R. 3295, joint conferees were named to reconcile the differences and adopted a conference report on October 8, 2002, which was then passed by the House and Senate without amendment.
Missoula Voter with Disability Wins Discrimination Case Against Missoula County Office of Elections: On May 27, 2011, Montana Human Rights Bureau Hearings Officer Gregory L. Hanchett found that Mr. Mark Boatman, a voter with a mobility impairment, was discriminated against when the Missoula County Election Office failed to provide a functioning voting machine for him in the 2008 presidential election. This was the third federal election in a row where the accessible voting machine at Mr. Boatman's polling place did not work.
Montana Human Rights Hearing Examiner Decision: Hearing Examiner finds the City of Helena violated state human rights laws when it failed to ask the Lewis and Clark County Election Office to provide accessible voting machines for the 2008 re-run of the Municipal Helena Citizens' Council election. [Nov. 2009]
Montana Secretary of State, Voter Information: One of the most important rights we enjoy as citizens of our state and nation is the right to vote for the people who make and uphold our laws. This right is the foundation upon which our democratic form of government is based. Many people in the world do not share this right. It's a civic duty we should all feel privileged to perform.
Native American Considerations and the Electoral Process Project: Our project is premised on the argument that historical and cultural barriers prevent full participation in the electoral process for Native Americans with disabilities. If P&As have access to training and technical assistance that improve awareness and understanding of these historical and cultural barriers, they will be better prepared to promote full participation in the electoral process for Native Americans with disabilities, including registering to vote, casting a vote, and accessing polling places.
Project Vote Smart: The voter's self-defense system.
Record Number of People with Disabilities Voted in 2008 Election: New numbers released show Americans with Disabilities voted in record numbers in the 2008 presidential election, according to the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the country's largest cross-disability membership orgnaization. [6-29-09]
Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations: Fact Sheet: Disability and Voter Turnout in the 2008 elections. [2009]
U.S. Election Assistance Commission: We can negotiate on an individual's behalf to resolve problems such as denial of services, discrimination, abuse and neglect, or support their own selfadvocacy efforts.
Voting Rights of People with Guardians: Disability Rights Montana Fact Sheet - Does the appointment of a full guardian deprive an adult ward with a disability of the right to vote? [October 2008]