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Getting to know us....

Maryanne Silve
Board Member/PAIMI AC Vice Chair

Western Mental Health Center, Dillon

Maryanne is a member of the Board of Directors. She is also a member of the PAIMI Advisory Council and serves as the Vice Chair of the Council.

Maryanne is an adult case manager at the Dillon Western Montana Mental Health Office. She has experienced first-hand the frustrations of sorting through the complex (and often non-existent) services trying to find help for family members and her clients who are facing mental health problems.

″Part of the legacy our founding fathers left us with was the concept that we must protect the God-given rights of everyone,″ Maryanne said. ″When we lose sight of that goal, no one will be safe. The most vulnerable people in our society are the elderly, the unborn, and the disabled. Without protection and advocacy organizations such as Disability Rights Montana, these people often have no one to advocate for them and no legal representation.″

Maryanne spent 20 years in geriatrics as the social services⁄admissions⁄ marketing director in a 105 bed skilled nursing facility. She has written for the Montana Standard for 10 years. Older people and those with special needs have been the focus of many of her personal profile articles.

Part of the philosophy that drew her to Disability Rights Montana is her belief that we need to empower those who struggle with disabilities. We also need to dispel the myths that surround those challenges and open the doors for these people to be treated with equal respect and opportunity so they may move toward accomplishing their individual goals in life.