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Getting to know us....

Will Warberg
Board Vice President

Plum Creek, Sales and Marketing Manager, Kalispell

Will has been on the Board of Directors of Disability Rights Montana since July 2010. Will currently serves as Vice President. He hopes to utilize his skills and experience to advance the mission of Disability Rights Montana.

Will volunteers because he believes the challenges facing Montanans with disabilities and their families are often complex, intimidating, and frightening. Sometimes they involve unintentional - or even willful - violations of these individuals’ human, legal, and civil rights. It is a terrible thing to fear for the safety and welfare of a family member with a disability, and to feel powerless to help protect them. Will volunteers for Disability Rights Montana because it is often the last and best hope that Montanans with disabilities have to protect their dignity, to exercise self-determination, and to receive equal treatment under the law.

Most importantly, Will is the father of two sons, one of whom is a young man with disabilities. He is also a sales and marketing manager with over 35 years of experience in the forest products industry. Will has a masters degree in business administration, speaks fluent German, and has traveled extensively. He especially enjoys reading, music, fishing, and gardening. He is also a current events buff whose “pet peeve” is biased news reporting.