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Getting to know us....

Eva Belatski
Advocacy Specialist

Eva is an advocacy specialist for the Discrimination, Employment, Benefits, and Access Work Unit. She advocates on behalf of individuals with disabilities to ensure that their employment rights are being protected, as well as makes sure the legal rights of individuals who are beneficiaries of Social Security are being protected in their efforts to return to work. Additionally, she assists in discrimination cases pertaining to accessibility and public accommodations.

Eva worked as an advocate for Disability Rights Vermont before joining us in 2018. During her time at Disability Rights Vermont, Eva worked to protect individuals with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and other serious rights violations.

Eva earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduated magna cum laude from Castleton University in Vermont. She then received a Juris Doctorate degree from Vermont Law School.

When away from work, Eva enjoys being outdoors whether it is exploring new places, going camping in her vintage camper, hiking, canoeing, or biking.