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Getting to know us....

Ally Seneczko
Advocacy Specialist

Growing up, Ally spent her time hanging out with her next door neighbor who has cerebral palsy. Ally's time with her friend inspired her to build more friendships with people with disabilities, where her lifelong journey began. Ally helped establish her high school’s Best Buddies chapter in Wales, Wisconsin. She watched amazing friendships grow, as well as developed some of her own lifelong friends. Ally went on to undergraduate school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she pursued a degree in Rehabilitation Psychology and a certificate in Educational Services. She had the opportunity during college to volunteer for six months in Ireland with people with disabilities and enjoyed learning about the different systems in place in Europe. 

Shortly after declaring her rehabilitation psychology major, Ally had the opportunity to intern at Disability Rights Wisconsin under the supervision of a advocacy specialist. Her time with DRW established her desire to work in protection and advocacy. After graduating in 2015, Ally spent a year volunteering with AmeriCorps in North Carolina. During this year, she assisted vulnerable populations obtain gainful employment. As the program year came to a close, she sought out employment with Disability Rights Montana. 

In September 2016, she moved to Helena, Montana, and began working with DRM as an Advocacy Specialist in the Core Services Unit. She is thrilled to be a part of Montana’s amazing protection and advocacy team. Ally says she looks forward to learning new things and continuing in her mission of making this world a more inclusive place for people with disabilities.