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Getting to know us....

Christiane Rudmann
Advocacy Specialist

Christiane is originally from Germany where she earned a BA/MA in Intercultural Studies. Her research into nonprofit organizations and how they support Native American artists has taken her to Alaska and to the Pacific Northwest for extended periods of time. She moved to Montana full-time in 2014.

Throughout her life, Christiane has worked to create compassion and understanding between people of different backgrounds, always advocating for and speaking up on behalf of people less fortunate. Mental illness in her circle of friends and family has made Christiane utterly aware of the struggles and stigma people with invisible disabilities face on a daily basis. It has led her to encourage her loved ones to seek treatment and to provide support wherever possible.

In her spare time, Christiane can be found exploring the natural beauty of Montana with her husband Steve and their dog Koa, who is in training to become a Psychiatric Service Dog. She loves to work in her yard and to talk at length with her family and friends back in Europe.

Christiane first learned about DRM when she was looking for support and advice in her role as an advocate for her husband who has autism. She couldn’t be happier about having joined DRM’s team of wonderful people in June 2017 as an Advocate in the Abuse & Neglect Unit and is looking forward to working on behalf of people with disabilities to ensure their rights, their equality, and their dignity.