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Getting to know us....

Marissa Rivera
Americorps Volunteer / Advocacy Specialist

Growing up in various states all over the U.S., it’s hard to call just one town “home.” Marissa was proudly born into this world by two deaf parents, and her first experience in the educational public school system placed her in speech therapy and special-education. One thing she has learned is adaptability and a passion to be involved with the Deaf community. Marissa can hear, and has been involved with a Deaf & Hard of Hearing camp in the Colorado mountains, a Deaf Theatre, a Domestic Violence organization that focuses on people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and more. She graduated in May 2017 from the only Deaf & Hard of Hearing Liberal Arts University in the world majoring in communication studies. Currently a fluent bilingual in both American Sign Language and English, she is working to improve other languages. Upon graduation she signed up for the AmeriCorps and is very happy to be serving at Disability Rights Montana.