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Donate to DRM

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to DRM. Each and every dollar donated makes a difference to individuals in Montana with disabilities.



Help us to protect the rights of people with disabilities.

Funding for advocacy is shrinking.

In Montana our population is a little over a million, yet 13.7% of Montanans could quality for our services. Our most reported issues are abuse, rights violations, and neglect. Our staff devotes their time to making impactful change for our fellow citizens. Your support could help us devote more focus into supporting students with disabilities, public advocacy, and continuing our everyday work.

The reality is the DRM does not currently receive sufficient funding to meet all requests for assistance received from Montanans with disabilities. Unfortunately, the need for advocacy outweighs the funds that we do have.

Ways you can help:

Until September 14, 2018

We are selling raffle tickets to raise money. There are prizes ranging from a jersey, to a vacation package including lodging, and adventure tickets! Print out the Raffle Ticket Form for more information and cut out how many raffle tickets you would like to buy and make your check payable to: Montana Shares. The drawing is on September, 14, 2018 and 1 ticket is $10, 3 tickets are $25, and 6 tickets are $40.

Raffle Ticket Form

You can now donate online through Disability Rights Montana is funded through federal protection and advocacy grants, other grants, attorney's fees, and private donations. Like most non-profit organizations, our resources are often scarce and the demand for our services grows every year. We rely on donations from people like you to continue to provide services to people with disabilities and their families. All donations to Disability Rights Montana are tax deductible. If you would like to donate to DRM, please send your check made out to "Disability Rights Montana" and send it to:

Disability Rights Montana

1022 Chestnut Street

Helena, MT  59601 

You can also donate by credit card either online through or by calling us at (406) 449-2344.

Show your support for the people in the Disability community, every where you drive!


You must register your vehicle annually to have sponsored plates. The cost of the plates and renewing them each year includes a donation that goes directly to the sponsoring organization. By purchasing these plates, people show their support for an organization and make a financial contribution to its work.



How to Purchase and Renew Sponsored Plates with No Eligibility Requirements

  • An individual or business who owns a passenger car, pickup, van, sport utility vehicle, motor home, large truck or bus that is registered in Montana may choose to display most sponsored plates. Sponsored plates are available for trailers.
  • There is no special process to apply for or renew most sponsored plates. The county treasurer issues or renews the plates when you pay the applicable vehicle registration fees and any special license plate fees.

Amazon Smile: Go to this link: and log in with your Amazon account. Search for Disability Rights Montana and select us as your Amazon Smile charity.

DRM is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and contributions to DRM are tax deductible
to the extent allowed by tax law. All contributions - large or small - are appreciated.


Thank you for your support!

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