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2014 August DRM E-Newsletter: Read our August 2014 electronic newsletter.  Topics include supporting adult forensic group homes, MDC's use of restraints, U.S. Supreme Court rejects I.Q. only test to establish defense to death penalty, DRM priority planning survey, voter registration and training, and the Special Education, Kids, Families, School, & the Law: Working Together for Success symposium set for October 24 - 25, 2014, at Great Falls College MSU in Great Falls.
2014 January DRM E-Newsletter: Read our first E-Newsletter.  The topics in this newsletter are Montana State Hospital Overcrowding, DD Crisis Services, Order of Selection (OOS), Executive Planning Process (EPP), Voting and Late Registration, and MHA Mental Health Summit in January a Success.
2014 March DRM E-Newsletter:

Read our March 2014 E-Newsletter.  Topics include Montana State Prison Withholding Proper Mental Health Treatment from Prisoners with Mental Illness, Congress's Attempts to Extend Unemployment Benefits May Leave SSDI Recipients Behind, A Closer Look at the Duties of Social Security Payees, Report Reviewing MDC's Sex Offender Treatment Program Released, Experiencing Delays in Vocational Rehabilitation Services Because of the Timing of Your Orientation?, and Important Questions about How Our Mental Health System Will Serve Medically Complicated Patients with Mental Illness.

2014 May DRM E-Newsletter: Read our May 2014 E-Newsletter.  Topics include a Montana Supreme Court Decision for a DRM client which reversed the appointment of a virtual stranger to be the surrogate parent of a student with a disability, the hiring by DOJ of a Residential Facility Investigator at Montana Developmental Center (MDC), an update on the review of MDC's Sex Offender Treatment Plan, the Montana Telecommunications Access Program, Order of Selection, and eight more beds are added to Montana State Hospital.
2014 October DRM E-Newsletter: Read our October 2014 E-Newsletter. Topics include MDC and the continuing abuse of residents, an update to the Special Education Symposium held in Great Falls in October, agreement on important committee bills for the upcoming legislative session, and the changes in Vocational Rehabilitation.
2016 February Newsletter: Topics include 1) continued abuse and neglect of MDC residents, 2) death of an inmate with mental illness in prison prompts very belated inquest, 3) new DRM newsletter regarding issues concerning transition-aged kids aged 14 - 24, 4) Run Wild Missoula discrimination judgment, 5) OPI reserves requirement of parental consent and makes changes to regulations under the IDEA, 6) DRM's new specialty license plates are available, 7) farewell to Alexandra Volkerts and Marie Jackson.
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