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How do we help?

Depending on annual priorities set by the Board of Directors, Disability Rights Montana may provide assistance with the following issues:

  • Care and Treatment


We provide assistance with your right to receive care and treatment in the most integrated setting appropriate, free from abuse and neglect, with due process, informed consent, confidentiality and privacy.

  • Programs and Services


We provide assistance with your right to accessible programs and services, and the right to freedom from discrimination. This includes exercising the right to vote and other civil rights, as well as obtaining and maintaining services for which one is legally qualified, such as Assistive Technology, Medicaid, SSI/SSDI, transportation, and public access.

  • Employment


We provide assistance with your right to employment without discrimination. Employers may not discriminate against people with disabilities who are applying for jobs or advancements, and must make reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities.

  • Education


We provide assistance with your right to individualized educational programs and related services, and integration into regular classrooms.

How to get help

To get help from Disability Rights Montana, you can call our office, drop by our office, or complete and submit the Request fo Services Form below.

If you would like to call and talk to one of our advocates, please call us at (406) 449-2344, or toll-free at (800) 245-4743.  If an advocate is unavailable when you contact Disability Rights Montana, your call will be returned no later than the following business day.

You can also stop by and ask to speak with an advocate. Our office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are located at 1022 Chestnut Street in Helena, near the intersection of Montana Avenue and Chestnut Street.  Click here for map directions.

The third way to contact an advocate with your questions or to request services is to complete our Request for Services form.  An advocate will get back to you. 

If you need immediate assistance, have a deadline, or are dealing with a critical issue, please call us directly at (406) 449-2344, or toll-free at (800) 245-4743.

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