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Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to DRM. Each and every dollar donated makes a difference to individuals in Montana with disabilities.


How to Qualify




Congress recognizes that people with disabilities need advocacy and legal representation. Disability Rights Montana has the legal authority to serve almost any person with a disability when the issue they need assistance with is directly related to their disability.

We represent children and adults with a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to, those with cognitive, mental, sensory and physical disabilities.

Today, more than 51 million Americans live with a disability. More than 150,000 Montanans, or 17 percent of our population, live with a disability.


Qualifying for services


Anyone can call Disability Rights Montana to get information about the rights of people with disabilities. Legal representation and advocacy services are provided only to people with disabilities for issues related to their disability. In deciding whether we will represent a person, Disability Rights Montana will consider:

  • Whether the issue falls within our priorities established each year by our Board of Directors
  • The merits of the claim
  • Our financial and staff resources available

What we don't do

Disability Rights Montana does not provide assistance in such matters as personal injury, divorce, child custody, will drafting, estate planning or criminal representation.